No more caffeine, my dear friends will listen to every note of the aroma of stoned fruits, mixed with floral flavor and a little gentle note of citrus in a cup of Finca El Cascajal, which has been Decaffeinated.

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Finca El Cascajal, located in the municipality of Esquipulas, Chiquimula, Guatemala, CA, whose owner, Francisco Amadeo Palencia Rivas, endorsed the challenge to cultivate, process and market coffee with social and environmental responsibility.

Today, certifiers as Utz Certified and Rainforest Alliance, attest to the quality of coffee produced Finca El Cascajal, the roaster has focused its production on the conservation of critical components of biodiversity, maintaining and improving the habitat of the species in coffee plantations with shade.

Don Amadeo Palencia's vision of coffee development not only focuses on nature but also focuses on the coffee lovers’ experience. Roaster El Cascajal innovates flavors and aromas to satisfy the most discerning palates of connoisseurs and lovers of good coffee

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Finca El Cascajal is then transported to Swiss Water Company to carry out the caffeine removal process in coffee. This phase uses specialized methods and purified water from local resources.

After that long journey, 43 Factory took the fragrant beans and delivered to you a gentle coffee.

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